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What Does A Life Coach Do

Life coach will analyze your current behavior, abilities, and potential. He/she will suggest changes in your current and future behavior, and steps you need to take to achieve your short- and long-term goals. For a successful career or career change for example, such steps might be taking classes, getting an advanced degree, or taking on more responsibilities at work. There might be tips on how to get your boss’s attention.
The life coach will provide you with a completely custom-made program that is specifically tailored to you, your needs, strengths, and abilities. It will be uniquely designed to provide you with all the tools needed to make your dreams come true.

As you progress towards you goal(s), the life coach will be there along the way as a counselor, mentor, and supporter. He/she will coach you to maximize your potential in order to achieve success. The life coach may suggest more changes and steps to take along the way, as well as help you re-assess your values and goals. The coach can adapt the program to reflect any changes in you life to put you back on the track to success.
If you want to make your dreams come true, enlist a life coach or hypnotist Chicago. With a little coaching your life can be turned into your dream life. Everybody can have success; some just need a little coaching along the way

Tips to Landscape a Cottage Style House

Quaint and charming are two words that can describe a cottage style house. When it comes to the landscape design of a cottage style house, you might envision the colorful and vegetative-abundant setting of a Thomas Kinkade painting. You can create a landscape design with an extravagant array of flowers and shrubs to accentuate the charm of your cottage style house whether or not there are plants in your landscape now.

Plants and Shrubs for a Cottage Landscape

The landscape design of a cottage style house will have little grass. Instead, there will be a dense display of flowers, preferably self-seeding varieties that will fill in the landscape over a few years at no additional expense. Perennial flower options for a cottage landscape design might include: candytuft, chives, clematis (climber), columbine, coneflower, daisy, lily, phlox, Russian sage, or yarrow.

Annuals or biennials flowers are used for additional color and to fill empty areas until the perennials spread, either through self-seeding or digging and dividing the clump of the plant about every three years. Annual/biennials flower options for a cottage landscape design might include: alyssum, evening primrose, foxglove, hollyhock, marigold, pansy, or snapdragon.

Roses, including climbers and bushes, are perhaps the most common choice for a cottage landscape design. Other shrubs and bushy flowers to consider for cottage landscape design are: azalea, butterfly bush, English lavender, fuchsia, heather, lilac, or rhododendron.


A walkway can be constructed of brick, pea gravel, flagstone or cobblestone for aged appearance. If installing a new cement walkway, “stamp” the surface to mimic brick. For an existing cement walkway, stain the surface to tone down the bright color. Although walkways can be straight, a curving walkway adds a touch of mystery to the visitor using the walkway-what lies beyond the curve?


An arch over a walkway provides visitors a doorway to the garden. Position a seating location in the midst of flowers, perhaps with a rustic wood bench. A gazing ball, bird house, garden obelisk or sundial can also be used to draw attention to favorite plantings or to fill a void.


On a large sheet of paper, sketch the perimeter of your yard and draw stationary objects, like house, garage and walkways. Next, mark the location for shrubs, allowing sufficient space for the expected growth of the shrub.

To make it easier to care for the plants and get cuttings, flower beds should be no more than 4 feet wide if reachable from only one side; up to 7 feet wide if reachable from opposite sides. Mark the location on your landscape design paper for the position of desired flowers so they are outside the expected growth reach of the shrubs or trees. Consider the growth height and width of the plants to allow adequate space between each plant. Set plants in groups. If planting perennials, place them first in your plan and then use annuals to fill in gaps.

Sources: Thomas Kinkade Cottages

The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Remodeling

Every year, people from all over the world think about getting their bathrooms remodeled. Many people consider doing this, but not all of them will actually follow through with it. The reason for this is that many of these people do not know much about bathroom remodeling and others know that it is just too big of an undertaking for themselves to do it alone. The rest of the people know that it is very expensive and is probably far beyond the reach and ken of their budget.

The biggest reason why people decide not to remodel their bathroom is for the mere fact that it can be too expensive depending on the size of their bathrooms. Many people consider doing it, but when they look at the actual area of their bathroom and find out the costs that are associated with a complete renovation become deterred at the idea of bathroom remodeling. Many people also do not know how to remodel their bathroom, so when it comes to doing it themselves, they shun the idea, look at hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor and then find out how much it is going to cost and then completely forget about it because of the high costs involved. These are all cons in regards to bathroom remodeling.

There are pros to when it comes to remodeling your bathroom and these pros are that bathroom remodeling is one of the most cost effective places in the houses to do renovations to. It is also one of the most exciting and entertaining. Bathroom remodeling can take time and be a nuisance, but it far outweighs the results of what you can expect to achieve when you finish the job. Depending on what you are actually doing with your bathroom will determine how much it is going to cost and how much you are going to enjoy the results.

Remodeling your bathroom can also increase the value of your home, so if you decide to do anything to your bathroom, always keep in mind that you are making your house worth more. If you decide to do the remodeling yourself, you always run the risk of doing it wrong and having it end up costing you more than you wanted to spend. This is why it is always best to get a quote and try to get someone to do it for you professionally. This will also guarantee that the value of your home increases and will be a better investment than if you do it yourself. However, if you do have renovation experience, doing it yourself might not be a bad idea.

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Home Remodeling Trends for a Recession

With home values plummeting and foreclosures on the rise, there are few people looking to do home renovations. However, for the ones that are trying to take advantage of cheaper labor and materials, there are some home trends for remodeling that are more apt to be done than others. In a recession, some renovations are smarter than others.

Making it Senior Ready

In 2010, 62 percent of the renovations by builders, according to the National Association of Home Builders, were improving the home by making it more accessible for aging folks. These senior ready improvements included adding a first floor bedroom and other items so that the first floor was habitable without ever needing to climb stairs to the top level.

Giving In-Laws Their Space

For some families, nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are not really an option due to the economy. Instead, more are turning to having basements redone to include a small efficiency-type apartment or having what is termed a “mother-in-law” suite. These can give an option for those having to care for older people.

Function Over High End Appliances

In a recession, home remodeling tends to back away from high-end appliances and granite counter tops and put the emphasis on bigger pantries and open space, they want a kitchen that can be customized and blend into the surroundings. Food preparation areas are in less demand, opting instead of more space in the eating area.

Don’t Give Up The Backyard

While you’d think that extras like stone patios and grilling kitchen areas would be less common in trying economic times, people are still adding in patios and outdoor living areas. There is a great emphasis on creating an inviting place outside for play and family time. With more people using staycations instead of vacations, the outdoor living space in the home is a focal point that most don’t want to skimp on.

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Remodeling on a Whim: New Wood Floor and Painting in a Weekend

Laying a hardwood floor was not my intention when I pulled up the carpeting in my living room. In fact, I only needed to remove the carpeting and call a friend who was planning on installing my new-to me piece of carpet. This piece of carpet was in perfect condition; it had spent its life in a formal dining room that was rarely, if ever, used.

The plan: New flooring
In contrast, the carpet I pulled up out my room was well-used, to put it kindly. From the day I moved into my house, three years ago, I knew this sad piece of tan carpeting would have to go, but did not have a plan until being offered a basically unused replacement.

The process: If you give a mouse a cookie
As in the popular children’s book, the cookie is not enough, the mouse wants a glass of milk, and then a straw and so on, this little project snowballed into a major re haul. If you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to want…

  • Painted walls
    Since all the furniture was out of the room, I figured touching up the paint on the walls was necessary. I took a trip up to the home improvement store on a Friday afternoon with the intention of purchasing a couple of gallons of paint.
  • A wood floor
    I ended up browsing through the flooring section and came across a deal I could not pass up. Wood flooring, in the exact color as my trim at home, was on clearance. I quickly did some calculations and it turned out the price of the wood floor would be close to the cost of having the hand-me-down carpet installed. Armed with that knowledge, I loaded the cart.
  • A painted ceiling
    My daughters, ages 17 and 10, took over this job and repainted not only the walls, but the ceiling too. They did it with a smile too. It turns out they had an ulterior motive. The plan was to cheerfully help with the living room, so they could redo their own bedroom next. Not a problem, they did an excellent job in no time flat. We were done before bedtime Friday night.

Figuring out the amount of wood to purchase was the easy part. I knew the dimensions of my room and simply used the calculator on my phone to determine how many boxes I needed.

Cutting wood planks to fit
Tongue and groove wood planks did not concern me. Since my house is a concrete slab, I only had to use glue to hold it in place. It looked like nothing more than a giant puzzle to put together. The logistics of having to fit the wood pieces around a fireplace and accommodate the narrow room, by cutting pieces to fit, was something that did not occur to me until I started. This lack of knowledge probably helped. If I would have known what obstacles I faced, I may not have jumped in so quickly.

One piece at a time
Setting the first few rows got me into the rhythm of the process. In my room, I could glue and set approximately seven pieces before I had to measure and make a cut. Then I would set the small piece to finish the row and move on to the next; glue, fit, glue, fit, glue, fit, glue, fit, glue, fit, cut, glue, fit.

Dance Party
With help from my girls, the room was ready to hold a dance party by 6 p.m. on Saturday. All those break dancing moves were now possible, if not probable. We sat, we spun, then we ordered pizza and enjoyed the fancy new floor and our supreme remodeling skills, on a whim!

If you are looking for a Home remodeler in Phoenix, AZ – Please call AZ granite & Remodeling Today at (602) 759-9000.

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners for 2020

Here is my top list of the most effective eco-friendly household cleaners of 2020.

#1 Greenworks Natural All Purpose Cleaner: This is one of the best customer reviewed products I have found for 2020. It cleans everything from the kitchen to your bathroom, and does it in a safe and effective way. It is efficient at getting set in grime and mildew stains, and definitely has an all around use to it. This product is also 99% all natural, and contains absolutely 0 phosphorus or bleach, which is common in many household cleaners this good.

#2 Mrs. Meyers: This a brand of very eco-friendly products, with wide varieties of products, from something for doing laundry, doing the dishes, to cleaning the bathtub and the shower walls. It generally uses corn, sugar, cane, coconut, as well as palm as their common ingredients in many of their products. They focus on not only being earth friendly, but also cruelty free.

#3 Holy Cow: An all time personal one that I use around the house constantly. This product is not only extremely cheap, but it also matches the ranks of Windex and Clorox, and does it without harming the environment. This product is especially great at cleaning glass I want to add, and can be bought almost anywhere. I get it at Safeway. This product can clean the counter top, clean windows, mirrors, glass, and has many other practical uses.

#4 Earth Friendly Products: These products are up and coming in the world, they are not as mainstream as many of the other cleaning products you would find in your household, but some of their products to pack a mean punch, and can take care of many of your basic cleaning needs, while doing no harm whatsoever to the environment. To quote their website, “We never use petrochemical, non-ionic ingredients.” Which means they don’t use any bad chemicals such as bleach, or other things that can be harmful if inhaled or intimate contact with.

#5 Bayes Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products: This is a very interesting company, that really caught my attention while I was doing my research. They have it covered not only in your kitchen, bathroom, etc. They go out of the box, by introducing eco-friendly car cleaners, as well as an effective stainless steel cleaner. This place has all you need and more for what those other Eco-friendly products don’t cover.

Those are my top 5 choices for 2020 eco-friendly cleaning products. Their websites are included with the links. Have a great Earth Day, and remember it doesn’t take much to save the environment.

Acupuncture Infertility & Chinese Medicine

Everyone has an opinion about something. When it comes to the topic of acupuncture it is more than true. Scientifically, it’s proven that acupuncture can cure or help many diseases and conditions. But still many people don’t believe it. Take acupuncture for infertility, as an example, tremendous scientific research has been done in China in the past 50 years, indicating, that acupuncture can affect our body in almost every way. Such as in our molecular, cell, tissue and system levels, etc. Many countries in the world started to use acupuncture for medical purposes, to help people. The National Institute of Health (NIH) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services conducted a Consensus Development Statement at a symposium in 1997, which concluded that acupuncture can help many diseases and conditions. About 10 years ago, there was research done in Europe that states acupuncture increases the pregnancy rate at a 50% chance. But in recent years, a study found an opposite conclusion, which states that acupuncture can only relax people instead of help people become pregnant. In medical fields, there are many theories, that continuously change over time, depending on the latest development about them. For example, take the CPR procedure and the principal of dealing with shock patients. These theories go back and forth, proving and disproving each other. We don’t think one research can really represent the truth. If, only one research or two can just conclude a truth about acupuncture it is very unfortunate. The reality of acupuncture helping infertility issues in our daily practice as seen in countless clinics, indicates that acupuncture is working very well.

In the past years, we have helped many infertility patients ranging from the ages 30-45, naturally without IVF or IUI. We helped patients get pregnant naturally with our protocol at ages 45, 47 and even 49. Our first patient of this kind was a 35 years old woman from Brazil, in 2002. In the initial visit, she told us her OB/GYN and the IVF specialist told her that she will never get pregnant, according to her situation, there was no hope. After consultation and examination with Traditional Chinese Medicine methodologies, we concluded that she was not hopeless. She still had a good chance to get pregnant naturally. After 15 sessions of acupuncture treatment with traditional Chinese herbal medicine, within two months she became pregnant naturally. Then 12 months later, she surprised me by coming to my office with her baby in the stroller. She told everyone in the office that we made the impossible, possible. This patient is just one of many examples. We’ve also helped many M.D. Physicians from different medical facilities, such as: New York Presbyterian Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical School Hospital, New York Hospital, etc. to become pregnant in similar ways. One of our M.D. Physician patients from New York Hospital, who experienced 3 failed IVF procedures, was referred to us by her patient. We found that she had an irregular period, always tired with ice-cold extremities, which means her hormones were imbalanced. We told her to stop trying IVF until her body was ready. Within 2 months she had 12 acupuncture sessions. Her period was regulated and she stopped experiencing ice-cold extremities. We suggested that she should continue acupuncture treatments with IVF procedures, and in 4 months she was pregnant. Ten months later she gave birth to a healthy baby. Some physicians have tried IVF as many as 5 times without any results, many of them after combining IVF with acupuncture treatment became pregnant too. We’ve had a patient from Australia that told us she tried IVF 18 times without any results, which is far too many times for one person. After checking her, we asked her to go back to Australia and find a good acupuncturist to balance her body for about 2-3 months, we are yet to hear the results.

In the last 40 days, at our clinic, we’ve had 4 out of 7 couples get pregnant. Three of these couples became pregnant naturally, ages 34-37, who were heading for IVF procedure. But, either their friends or our clinic suggested they try to conceive naturally with acupuncture before doing anything else. One couple had 12 acupuncture sessions and became pregnant within 2 months, the second couple got pregnant in the 3rd month, the third couple tried 24 sessions and within 4 months they were pregnant.

To understand why acupuncture can help infertility we must first become familiar with Chinese culture and tradition. One of the most important rules in Chinese culture and the tradition is: you must reproduce. Otherwise, it’s a sign of disrespect to your parents, family and ancestors. Essentially, you would be blamed for discontinuing the family lineage. Therefore, one of the important duties for Chinese doctors is to help patients conceive and have their own babies. This practice dates back at least 2,000 years. Chinese doctors have spent centuries developing a practice for infertility issues for both men and women. We have procedures for female reproductive health which includes the care of: menstruation, pregnancy, breast-feeding/lactation, inducing labor, and puerperium; while for males this includes: ED, ejaculation problems etc. According to TCM and acupuncture theory, unless your missing an essential organ(s), some fundamentals to becoming pregnant as a woman are: a regular and normal menstrual cycle with normal discharge and a regular monthly sex drive at its peak about 2 weeks after your period. We don’t understand why this does not concern many specialists and why they do not tell their patients about these fundamentals.

Nowadays, specifically in the United States, the cause of infertility for women, according to our clinical experience – apart from having organ problems – are: stress, aging/too low Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), an imbalance of hormones due to diet/drugs, and other related diseases such as thyroid problems. If the related diseases and conditions is not our specialty, we refer the patient to doctors that are specialized to help them. To let the patient understand what we are doing is also important. If the patient cannot get the whole picture of this process, the results of the treatment will be poor. We truly believe that the cooperation between patient and doctor is very important. That is why, in our clinic, when we see patients we always give them a clear picture of the whole procedure in a very detailed way according to our knowledge and experience, then the patients can comply completely.

The most unique part of Chinese medicine, for thousands of years, is the pure trial and error based only on human beings instead of the testing on animals than to the human body. That is why the principles and treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine, some people believe, are closer to the reality of human beings diseases and conditions. That is why some people say that Chinese medicine and acupuncture contribute a very big role to the Chinese population, obviously, it shows today with its large population. Many Chinese follow the Chinese medicine rules in their daily life activities for well-being and to maintain their well-being, especially, when they have medical problems such as infertility and it’s related problems.

Guidance and Counseling as a Choice of Career

Counseling is one of the most rewarding careers. Choosing to go to college to be a guidance counselor can lead to many other opportunities. A student could choose to become a social worker. This career is rewarding, to the social worker, and to the client they have been assigned to help.

A young girl may have had an illness that left her handicapped. This illness of hers could make her family know, that without counseling, they could never truly understand, what this girl was going through. It takes someone who wants to make strong commitments, stick by their clients, with respect and compassion, and never give up on them to make it in the counseling field. Guidance and counseling go hand in hand, in making troubled families not so troubled.

This type of career, takes patience and understanding. If you have these qualities, then your life is about to take on a whole new meaning. You will feel like you are on an adventure that is fulfilling your heart’s desire. I say the word adventure, because your life will never be the same again. You will start giving guidance, to many of your clients, and feeling pain and sorrow when they do. You must be able to listen without telling anyone about these cases. If you did, you would be breaking confidentiality.

When you desire to build a career that includes guidance and counseling, you are making a serious vow. You will hold all their feelings they share, within the palm of your hand, and promise to hold their worries, and help them return joy back into their life. Making this decision, says something special about you right off the bat. It says you want to guide troubled individuals in the right direction. You are helping each individual gain courage, and self-esteem. You will know when your client is strong enough to stand on their own. You will feel a great sense of pride. Yes, if you choose this type of career, you will share many sorrows with your clients. When they hurt, you will hurt. Your clients, however, will grow stronger because of the guidance and counseling they have received. They will find peace at the end of their adventure with you. The roller coaster adventure will come to the end and your clients will be healthier.

The best part about this type of career choice is the feeling of trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Some clients are not going to take your advice; however, it is the passion for helping people that keeps you trying.

Where would the world be without guidance counselors? Schools students need counselors to help them make wise decisions in school. that will affect their future. Mentors are needed.

Guidance and counseling as a choice of career, is one that can bring much satisfaction into your life. Feel passion for others with all your heart and God bless you all.

Advantages of Using a Professional Towing Service

If you’ve ever needed to have your vehicle towed, you know it can be a stressful experience. However, with the help of the professionals at J&J’s Towing, it doesn’t have to be this way. We work hard to help our customers get through this in the most efficient manner possible. Here are some of the biggest advantages of calling us that you’ll appreciate whenever you need this type of service the most:

  1.  Tow Truck

Our tow trucks are well taken care of and equipped with all of the tools that are necessary to get your vehicle to the destination you’d like them to go. If you were to call a friend or company straight out of the yellow pages, you never know what kind of tow truck they would show up with. There’s a reason our customer trust us for high quality towing that’s safe and done right.

  1.  Knowledge

Towing a vehicle isn’t as easy as tying up a rope and taking it away. The process of loading the vehicle requires knowledge, training, and experience. Fortunately our tow truck professionals have all of these skills so they are able to handle even large vehicles with ease. They’ll make sure your car is towed without any additional damage.

  1.  Scheduling

Nobody can control when their vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed. We understand that at J&J’s Towing, which is why our towing services are available any time you need them. All you have to do is call us and we’ll come out to help you out of the location you’re stuck at.

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Getting to What Really Ails You

By pressing a limb, before and after being exposed to a thought, question, or substance, the body is said to reveal long-hidden information about our individual strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and needs for healing.

A volunteer extends one arm out to the side, holding it firmly in place. The facilitator presses on the arm to establish a benchmark for the volunteer’s strength. The volunteer says “My name is ….” And completes the sentence with his own name. When the facilitator tries to depress the volunteer’s arm while he is making this truthful statement about who he is, the volunteer’s arm typically remains strong and steady. However, when he is asked to continue holding his arm out, steady and strong, and to use a different name, saying “My name is Santa Claus,” or “Ernie,” it usually will be easy to depress his arm. The body is registering that he is saying an untruth, as evidenced by the weakened muscles. This demonstrates how muscle testing reflects a truth in the conscious mind. It is also possible to use muscle testing to access the beliefs, stored feelings, and the associated blocks hidden within the body/mind system.

Getting to the Root

Muscle testing, or “specialized kinesiology,” (kinesiology is the study of movement), is a method of identifying precise energy blocks in the mind/body/spirit system. People who practice muscle testing say that given the opportunity, the body can communicate the origin and location of a block, and what solution will release the block and strengthen the entire system. Any muscle can be used. Some muscle testing practitioners use only the arm, others use additional muscle systems, and scan energy fields and energy lines in the body.

The conscious mind knows only a small fraction of our life experience. To protect from pain, it can edit and withhold information. Muscle testing bypasses the conscious and subconscious. So by asking the body directly, it is possible to go to the deepest level of awareness, accessing a clear and unbiased memory of every waking moment of our lives.

In this process, the body may be asked a series of questions, or exposed to words, thoughts, or substances. The root causes of debilitating and chronic illnesses, learning disabilities, addictions, psychological problems, and mental illnesses may be identified. Through scanning the body’s energy channels and fields, blocks which contribute to these problems may be located, and with further work, released.

The Body Knows…

Contemporary Western science is now confirming the accuracy of ancient Chinese Medicine (the founding science of acupuncture in which the energy channels and points in the body are treated directly to promote health). The body, we now know, is comprised of intelligent energy. A physical and energetic manifestation of the form, mind, and spirit, each cell, it is now becoming clear, not only stores its own function and role, but that of each cell in the body.

Evidence is also being accumulated through studies internationally, and some locally at N1H, that each cell also stores memories and beliefs which lie beneath the conscious mind. This massive amount of information appears to be stored in the DNA and RNA, or genetic “blueprint” of each cell. Feelings and issues not fully resolved, apparently, stay in this system. As a result, muscle testing facilitators say, the natural energy channel to parts of our brain, to our tissues, and organs, become blocked. The lack of natural energy flow can then cause or contribute to unwanted and potentially severe conditions of the body and mind.

The Body Responds

Think about it–negative thoughts and beliefs really do make us weak. Positive ones make us strong. If we bring bad news to someone, we may suggest that they sit down first. Bad news makes our entire body weak; good news makes it strong. Muscle testing is based on the fact that even minor negative information, either through our senses from the outside world, aches from our body, worries from our mind, or negative beliefs stored deep in our cells, all sap our natural strength.

Likewise, beautiful sights and sounds, positive thoughts, and a sense of wellbeing keep us strong. Even the word “no” can make muscles weak, while “yes” keeps them strong. Muscle testing is based on this reality. Muscles are asked questions or exposed to thoughts, substances, etc., directly. When a question hits right “on the money” on an underlying limiting belief or block, the muscle goes weak. Bingo. The work proceeds.

Muscle testing can be used to balance a person for nutritional programs, food sensitivities and deficiencies, for postural misalignments, to determine the cause of negative attitudes and faulty belief systems, habits, phobias, dyslexia, pain, stress, etc, or to balance the hemispheres of the brain for clearer thinking. Problems that we have thought are primarily emotional can really be neurological and energy-based. Toward appropriate diagnosis and treatment, muscle testing is now being incorporated into the practices of internal medicine, psychiatry, dentistry, chiropractic, allergy testing/treatment, acupuncture, sports training, nutrition, and osteopathy.

Source: Acupuncture Arlington