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From R 250
  • CIPC Authorised ThirdParty
  • Fast services
  • Affordable
  • everything in 1 place



From R 550
  • Social mediaMarketing
  • Positive outcome
  • Mass MediaMarketing
  • Direct Marketing

Information Technology


From R1500
  • Free Consultation*
  • Positive outcome
  • Web & Mobile apps
  • Cost effective services
Business consulting
Total services offered 94%
Marketing consulting
Total Marketing services offered 61%
IT consulting
Total IT services offered 67%
+ 0
Clients Assisted
Happy Clients 97%

"Safely and Successfully going foward"

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Why choose us?

For Blackman Alice it is fundamental to generate confidence and security in each of our customers, they are the motivation for study, innovation and constant technological changes to improve day by day in our products and business solutions. 

CIPC Third Party

Since 2005 during the pilot phase Blackman has been an authorised Third Party, this means we can offer fast services at affordable prices. However this does not mean we are employed by CIPC.

Inmediate attention

At Blackman Alice you will always have someone ready to answer your request via telephone, chat, online call or email ticket.

DDOS Attack Protection

Our clients can better protect their services like mail, httpd, DNS, applications, video and voice. With our DDOS system.

One Stop Shop

We are proudly a 1 stop shop for all size of businesses, offering more than what is expected of us. We work with you from when you have an idea to when the business is successful, you don't have to go anywhere.

Hosting For Your Website & Apps

Blackman Alice will be in charge of maintaining your hosting account online 24 hours, where you can count on systems of Electrical Power Insurance, 99.9 percent uptime and hard to break security systems.

Cloud Backup

Today it is important to be able to access your information from anywhere in the world in a secure way. It is also essential to ensure.

Turning dream into reality

What ever it is you dream off we will never go to bed until we have worked our magic and turned your dream into reality.That is what we do best, we put to life your ideas and imagination giving you total control every step of the way.


We are always there to make sure that all issues that need attention are dealt with promptly and you often don't have to lift a finger.We detect, solve then report. We are the best.


We offer a WordPress turnkey service that include everything you will ever need for your WordPress site from security, performance, analytics and 24/7 support.


Would you like to have a more reliable solution for information on your drive?

Then Trust us because we are the best.We do not only provide storage, we also protect and make it easy for you to work with your data anyway you like.