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Advantages of Using a Professional Towing Service

If you’ve ever needed to have your vehicle towed, you know it can be a stressful experience. However, with the help of the professionals at J&J’s Towing, it doesn’t have to be this way. We work hard to help our customers get through this in the most efficient manner possible. Here are some of the biggest advantages of calling us that you’ll appreciate whenever you need this type of service the most:

  1.  Tow Truck

Our tow trucks are well taken care of and equipped with all of the tools that are necessary to get your vehicle to the destination you’d like them to go. If you were to call a friend or company straight out of the yellow pages, you never know what kind of tow truck they would show up with. There’s a reason our customer trust us for high quality towing that’s safe and done right.

  1.  Knowledge

Towing a vehicle isn’t as easy as tying up a rope and taking it away. The process of loading the vehicle requires knowledge, training, and experience. Fortunately our tow truck professionals have all of these skills so they are able to handle even large vehicles with ease. They’ll make sure your car is towed without any additional damage.

  1.  Scheduling

Nobody can control when their vehicle breaks down and needs to be towed. We understand that at J&J’s Towing, which is why our towing services are available any time you need them. All you have to do is call us and we’ll come out to help you out of the location you’re stuck at.

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Getting to What Really Ails You

By pressing a limb, before and after being exposed to a thought, question, or substance, the body is said to reveal long-hidden information about our individual strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and needs for healing.

A volunteer extends one arm out to the side, holding it firmly in place. The facilitator presses on the arm to establish a benchmark for the volunteer’s strength. The volunteer says “My name is ….” And completes the sentence with his own name. When the facilitator tries to depress the volunteer’s arm while he is making this truthful statement about who he is, the volunteer’s arm typically remains strong and steady. However, when he is asked to continue holding his arm out, steady and strong, and to use a different name, saying “My name is Santa Claus,” or “Ernie,” it usually will be easy to depress his arm. The body is registering that he is saying an untruth, as evidenced by the weakened muscles. This demonstrates how muscle testing reflects a truth in the conscious mind. It is also possible to use muscle testing to access the beliefs, stored feelings, and the associated blocks hidden within the body/mind system.

Getting to the Root

Muscle testing, or “specialized kinesiology,” (kinesiology is the study of movement), is a method of identifying precise energy blocks in the mind/body/spirit system. People who practice muscle testing say that given the opportunity, the body can communicate the origin and location of a block, and what solution will release the block and strengthen the entire system. Any muscle can be used. Some muscle testing practitioners use only the arm, others use additional muscle systems, and scan energy fields and energy lines in the body.

The conscious mind knows only a small fraction of our life experience. To protect from pain, it can edit and withhold information. Muscle testing bypasses the conscious and subconscious. So by asking the body directly, it is possible to go to the deepest level of awareness, accessing a clear and unbiased memory of every waking moment of our lives.

In this process, the body may be asked a series of questions, or exposed to words, thoughts, or substances. The root causes of debilitating and chronic illnesses, learning disabilities, addictions, psychological problems, and mental illnesses may be identified. Through scanning the body’s energy channels and fields, blocks which contribute to these problems may be located, and with further work, released.

The Body Knows…

Contemporary Western science is now confirming the accuracy of ancient Chinese Medicine (the founding science of acupuncture in which the energy channels and points in the body are treated directly to promote health). The body, we now know, is comprised of intelligent energy. A physical and energetic manifestation of the form, mind, and spirit, each cell, it is now becoming clear, not only stores its own function and role, but that of each cell in the body.

Evidence is also being accumulated through studies internationally, and some locally at N1H, that each cell also stores memories and beliefs which lie beneath the conscious mind. This massive amount of information appears to be stored in the DNA and RNA, or genetic “blueprint” of each cell. Feelings and issues not fully resolved, apparently, stay in this system. As a result, muscle testing facilitators say, the natural energy channel to parts of our brain, to our tissues, and organs, become blocked. The lack of natural energy flow can then cause or contribute to unwanted and potentially severe conditions of the body and mind.

The Body Responds

Think about it–negative thoughts and beliefs really do make us weak. Positive ones make us strong. If we bring bad news to someone, we may suggest that they sit down first. Bad news makes our entire body weak; good news makes it strong. Muscle testing is based on the fact that even minor negative information, either through our senses from the outside world, aches from our body, worries from our mind, or negative beliefs stored deep in our cells, all sap our natural strength.

Likewise, beautiful sights and sounds, positive thoughts, and a sense of wellbeing keep us strong. Even the word “no” can make muscles weak, while “yes” keeps them strong. Muscle testing is based on this reality. Muscles are asked questions or exposed to thoughts, substances, etc., directly. When a question hits right “on the money” on an underlying limiting belief or block, the muscle goes weak. Bingo. The work proceeds.

Muscle testing can be used to balance a person for nutritional programs, food sensitivities and deficiencies, for postural misalignments, to determine the cause of negative attitudes and faulty belief systems, habits, phobias, dyslexia, pain, stress, etc, or to balance the hemispheres of the brain for clearer thinking. Problems that we have thought are primarily emotional can really be neurological and energy-based. Toward appropriate diagnosis and treatment, muscle testing is now being incorporated into the practices of internal medicine, psychiatry, dentistry, chiropractic, allergy testing/treatment, acupuncture, sports training, nutrition, and osteopathy.

Source: Acupuncture Arlington

What Does A Life Coach Do

Life coach will analyze your current behavior, abilities, and potential. He/she will suggest changes in your current and future behavior, and steps you need to take to achieve your short- and long-term goals. For a successful career or career change for example, such steps might be taking classes, getting an advanced degree, or taking on more responsibilities at work. There might be tips on how to get your boss’s attention.
The life coach will provide you with a completely custom-made program that is specifically tailored to you, your needs, strengths, and abilities. It will be uniquely designed to provide you with all the tools needed to make your dreams come true.

As you progress towards you goal(s), the life coach will be there along the way as a counselor, mentor, and supporter. He/she will coach you to maximize your potential in order to achieve success. The life coach may suggest more changes and steps to take along the way, as well as help you re-assess your values and goals. The coach can adapt the program to reflect any changes in you life to put you back on the track to success.
If you want to make your dreams come true, enlist a life coach or hypnotist Chicago. With a little coaching your life can be turned into your dream life. Everybody can have success; some just need a little coaching along the way