Marketing related products and services

business Profile
  • Business doc , info Requirements
  • 5 Working days Turnaround time
Business proposal
  • Business docs ,Info Requirements
  • 5 working days Turnaround time
Business Research
  • information Requirements
  • 5 Working days Turnaround time
Tender Alerts
  • Business docs ,info Requirements
Digital/ mobil business card
  • Business info Requirements
  • 2 Working days Turnaround time
Social or Digital marketing
  • Info Requirements
  • +/- 3 working days Turnaround time
Company Branding (logo ,slogan,letterheads)
  • Info Requirements
  • 3 Working days Turnaround time
Animated Video

2 - 4 minutes animated video created for you.
This is a great tool for marketing purposes and will get your message across to your potential customers in an entertaining and easy understood way.

Social Media Marketing

Let us manage your social media accounts. We create your pages, update your pages and monitor your page(additional costs apply). We also run marketing campaigns on your behalf( additional costs apply).

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