Saving money = making more money

Let’s do the math: Letterheads + Fax (R500) + 50 Business cards (R110)+ Google Business Setup ( R500) + Business listing (R500) + BEE (R 700) +Annual returns (R350) + 2 X business amendments (R500) + Tax Returns (R 780) + Tax Clearance Certificate ( R400) + COIDA Returns and Letter Of Good Standing (R750 ex DOL fees) + UIF returns and Compliance certificate ( R650) + Tender alert (R450) + Business support ( R 250 x 12 = R3000) + up to 25% discount on services (priceless) + 50% off Business Page subscription ( R105x12= R 1260)= R 10 450 less priceless R 10 450 - (R295 X 12 months) R 10 450 - R3540 This will save you=R 6910 + Priceless customer experience and discounts Buying this package makes good business sense, enough to help you make more money.

Saving time = More time to do more things

We know that running a successful business requires a lot from you and having a lot to do sometimes sees you doing nothing. A major benefit of this account is saving you time and saving you money so you can focus on things that matters the most which is getting your business to make money. With this package you will not have to worry about when annual returns are due, when will your BEE expires and the stress that comes with company amendments as they become due. You take a back seat and let us drive your vehicle to success “Safely and Successfully” You also get business tools all in one place saving more of your precious time, every thing you need, everything you have once made use of, your business performance history etc all in one place accessible via 1 username and password...

The perfect plan for you

There is a lot to be done before a business is registered and a lot more when the business is registered. We have seen people who thought they still have their business registered only to find out their businesses were deregistered a long time ago. We have seen people struggling for information and ending up not being able to achieve what they could have achieved should they have come across the information. Google is there but guess what, even Google relies on people to feed it with information then Google indexes and serve us with our desired information.  We have seen people missing out on opportunities simple because they were always told they have to have connection in top places.

Through that experience we have come up with this package/ account whatever you may find sexy calling it.SIMPLY PUT; this is for every one who has a business with a desire to be successfully while legal compliant, everyone who intend to make profit without bending the rules.

Once off


  • Letterheads
  • 50 x Business cards
  • Google business setup
  • Free business listing


  • BEE certificate
  • CIPC annual returns
  • 2 Business amendments transactions
  • Tax Returns & clearance certificate
  • 1 Month Tender tracking free
  • COIDA Returns & Letter of Good Standing
  • UIF Letter of Compliance


  • 50% off Business Page Subsription
  • Business Consulting Services Discounts= up to 15%
  • Marketing Consulting Services Discount=  up to 15%
  • IT Consulting Services Discount = up to 10%
  • Free Business support via Email & Whatsapp

Frequently asked questions

* Letterheads   * FAX NUMBER *50 X BUSINESS CARDS

 *Free business listing submission on business directory website

What do I get yearly for free?

* BEE certificate

* CIPC Annual return (exc CIPC fees)

* 2 business amendments transactions ( director,     address, financial year update etc)  

* SARS Tax Returns (exc SARS fees)

* SARS Tax Clearance Certificate

*COIDA Returns (Ex DOL fees)

*Letter Of Good Standing

*UIF Returns (Ex DOL fees)

*UIF Certificate of compliance

*Central Supplier Database

Discounts available:

* 50% off Business Page subcription

*Business Consulting services= up to 10%

*Marketing Consulting services=  up to 15%

*IT Consulting Services = up to 10%

     PLUS these benefits:

* Fast basic business support( answers questions related to starting and running a business, legalities of a businesses)

*Access to business forum

* Access to business social tools

*Customer account to view and pay for invoices, buy new services and to send or view support tickets

*When you are joining you have to pay your once off joining fee + your first month’s fee within 48 hours from the time you joined.

*Thereafter monthly fees are payable on the last business day of the month for the next month

*When joining you can pay instantly either via EFT or direct deposit.

* Monthly fees are payable via a debit order (after you have signed a debit order form) or via Credit or Debit order recurring payments

*You can choose to pay for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months in advance of which a direct deposit/ EFT payment can be made.

No, you do not sign a contract. This is a month to month arrangement, no payment for the month simply means you don’t get benefits for the month.

No you cannot. All free services under this package can only be used for the registered member’s business name and no one else. Verification will be performed even before a free service is delivered.

Yes, and every time you do you will get commission. See our affiliate programme webpage/ brochure for more information.

Business Page is our very own “JOBS & EXPERTS SYSTEM”

  • Buyers visit this system to look for service providers.
  • Buyers will request for a quotation on services and products they require.
  • Service providers will see who is in need of a quote then send those details to the potential client.
  • Buyer will select suitable quote the give that job to the service provider

This system was created to expose service providers to clients they could not otherwise be exposed to.


Buyers- free

Service Providers- R 210 per month

While skipping a payment means you will not claim benefits for that respective month there are other disadvantages of skipping your monthly payment.

  1. You will not claim your annual benefits unless you have paid for the whole 12 months in full.
  2. Your documents or other compliance requirements might need attention  and an additional fee might be payable for correcting work that could have been handled had your account with us been active.