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About Us


The bigger picture

Why we do what we do

When the business started the goal was to be a one stop shop especially for small businesses classified as SME.

Hence we work with you from the time you have only an idea for a business to when you are fully functional and had become a successful business person.

The real us

More than just consultants

For Blackman Alice it is fundamental to generate confidence and security in each of our customers, they are the motivation for study, innovation and constant technological changes to improve day by day in our products and business solutions.

We are always there to listen and to implement that which will only make life easier for our clients

Failing to fail

See us grow

Just like any other individual or business we also have a way of measuring whether we are failing or succeeding in doing what we do. Simple put when we see our customers succeed that is when we know we have also succeeded in becoming the best Business, Marketing and IT consultants the world has ever seen.

To become a one stop shop for all people seeking to start and run successful businesses and to become a key role player in the economic transformation of the country and eventually the world.

To offer world class Business, Marketing and IT Consulting services that goes beyond the general expectation while helping customers achieve their goals whatever they may be.

To conduct research continually and to introduce new strategies and technologies that will enhance our service delivery standard and simplify our customer’s business processes.

  1. A commitment to innovation and excellence.
  2. A commitment to building strong and long term relationships with our customers and communities we operate in.
  3. A belief that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned
  4. A Commitment to learning continually and getting better one project at a time


Historical background

October 2013:

Company registered
The Company was legally registered for trading in South Africa and was allocated registration number

January 2014:

We had our first offices in Pinetown
Our offices were located in Pinetown 33 Crompton street.

October 2015:

CIPC Third Party approval
We became one of the first few consultants to be approved as a CIPC Third Party while the system was in pilot stage, this means we are authorised by CIPC to offer services to the public and that all services offered by us are inline with CIPC’s terms and conditions.

note that this does not mean we are employed by  or represent CIPC.

January  2018:
320 West Street Durban
We had our head offices situated at 320 West street Durban.

August  2018:
320 Smith Street Durban
We had our head offices situated at Office 1205 Mercury House 320 West street Durban.

Meet our awesome team

Backed by years of experience in Management  she is business driven and confident in all she does . P P khwela oversees the day to day operation of the business and is determined to be successful.

P.P Khwela

General Manager

M.I Khwela

IT Manager/Developer

Passionate about IT and learning everyday. M.I Khwela is an ambitious and confident individual always looking for innovative ways to make life easier for everyone especially Blackman Alice Clients.